Trash Bin Cleaners Direct Marketing Assistance Programs (MAP)Trash Bin Cleaners Direct Marketing Assistance Programs (MAP) are exactly what you need to get your new business going in the right direction and giving they the best route to success.

Others may say they offer a turnkey solution to start your business but not like this! At Trash Bin Cleaners Direct, LLC. we have partnered with the best route management software company that can link to an accounting system (think about managing over a thousand customers with different location and pick-up schedules). Graphic artists that can design you new business look. Our experts that can build you a professional website, design your new logo, wrap your truck or trailer. We can give you multiple ideas on designing fliers and door hangers. Can provide you with shirts, hats, uniforms and promotional items.

With our free consulting services, we can help with landing government waste company contracts. We have helped our clients win huge trash bin cleaning contracts with counties, cities and waste companies across the country.

With TBCD you receive so much more than just the very best and fastest trash bin cleaning and pressure washing equipment on the market, you will get the support you will need to help your business grow.

We focus on selling you the world’s fastest and most powerful industrial grade trash bin cleaning equipment on the market. Trash Bin Cleaners Direct provides you with the world’s most environmentally friendly systems. We have Cities, Counties and Collages that receive grants to purchase our trash bin cleaning systems due to our exclusive wastewater filtration and recycling systems.

Please do not believe the conmen selling inferior equipment that claim you can dump unfiltered wastewater from trash bin cleaning into a car wash drain or RV park septic system or local storm drains.

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