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Why You Should Never Use Trash Bin Hopper
as a Wastewater Holding Tank

This Photo Was Taken After Cleaning 15 Trash Bins

This is the amount of solid waste that was caught by our 1,000 micron prefilters in the rear hopper.

Waste in Hopper
Diamond Truck

Are the Trucks You’re Considering Buying Street Legal?

Other Manufactures actually use 525-gallon open top trash bin hoppers or larger, as wastewater holding tanks. In most cities and states it may be illegal to transport wastewater in open-top containers (hoppers. Wastewater containing kitchen oil, grease, phosphates from fertilizers, pesticides that splash out of the hopper onto the ground while taking turns or while going over speed bumps will get you a ticket every time. This ridiculous practice is used by other trash bin cleaning equipment manufacturers to cut costs. Waste companies may not hire companies if they know that they are not dealing with street-legal vehicles.

Contact your local Department of Transportation (DOT & State Troopers) for additional information.

Trash Bin Cleaners Direct Only Builds 100% STREET LEGAL Vehicles

In most cities and states it is illegal to transport wastewater in an open-top container because the hazardous wastewater can easily spill out. This ridiculous practice is used by other trash bin cleaning equipment manufacturers to cut costs, but you’ll be the one paying the price.

Cargo Weight Issues & Concerns: Is it Street Legal?

Police, State Troopers & DOT inspectors normally classify all water tanks and wastewater holding tanks on vehicles as being full, especially after an injury accident.

See the example below of what to stay away from:

If you look at other systems that use a 525-gallon wastewater tank & 525-gallon freshwater tanks that add up to 1,050 gallons of total water capacity. Clean water weighs 8.34 lbs. per gallon 1,050 gallons multiplied 8.34 lbs. per gallon equals 8,875 lbs (4.5 tons. Now you must add the weight of the truck, truck body, pressure washer, fuel, hydraulic lifter system, trash bin hopper & employees.

Take that total and compare it to the trucks or trailers GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Overloaded vehicles can cause instant brake failures & can void drive-train warranty & cancel. Insurance companies may cancel your policy leaving you liable for all damages. This truck needs to be a minimum of 19,500 lbs GVWR but I have seen other so-called manufacturers mount this on equipment onto 14,500lbs trucks truck. These are vehicles are grossly overloaded with hundreds even thousands of pounds over the GVWR.

That is why Hydro-Chem Systems mandates that all truck-mounted systems that we build our at least 19,500 lbs. rated trucks. Our new Diamond package requires a truck rated 25,900 lb. GVRW. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Contact your local DOT for the facts. This can save lives and extend the vehicle’s life.

This is why cleaning speeds & wastewater recycling systems are so valuable. The faster you clean the less water you need. Our systems can clean up to 20 faster than other systems using a faction of the water.

Check with local authorities for local rules & regulations.

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