TBCD Ltd. Warranty - Hopper 10-years / Pressure Washer  5-Year pump 3-Year engine 1-Year. 

Mfg.’s Ltd. Warranty: Stainless steel 4-nozzle cleaning heads 1-Year.  Trailer 3-years

All other items, 1-Year Warranty, is against mfg. Defects. Excludes normal wear items

Delivery to your door is available. 

Marketing Assistance Program (MAP) See our marketing section. 

Helped over 1,000 clients start their new trash bin cleaning, pressure washing & or fleet washing Business..  

33 Year's overall experience & started building Trash Bin Cleaning Systems in 2010. 

No franchise fees or restrictions.

Fully Insurured 

Trash can cleaning & sanitizing is a brand-new emerging business

with unlimited potential in an unsaturated service industry. 

Customer Reviews

Hunter Stayton. 5 Stars 

Five days ago

If you’re looking to get started in this service industry then look no further than Trash Bin Cleaners Direct. If you already have a bin cleaning system, I urge you to check them out. Not only is their equipment super efficient and top of the line, Dan provides beyond excellent customer service. TBCD will ensure you are compliant, safe, up and cleaning the most cans a day period. The knowledge provided is very valuable and will provide you with everything to get your business going!

We currently service an abundance of reoccurring cans and can tell you right now without these trash cleaning units we wouldn’t even touch 300-500 cans a day. These hot water pressure washing systems blow other competition out of the water in terms of speed. Washing fast is great, but without managing the waste water we would be a moving sewer on the road. TBCD provides a perfect filtration system that allows us to filter the waste water in the hopper and reuse it. We don’t have to transport hazardous waste water after or stop to refill fresh water.

I highly recommend TBCD for all your trash bin cleaning needs. My guys are safe, fast, and happy to have an easy system to use

Welcome to Trash Bin Cleaners Direct – New Business Opportunity
Congratulations. You have discovered one of the newest and fastest-growing business opportunities in the USA & Canada. Trash bin cleaning companies may have little or no other competitors in their area.


If you are ready to start a new business and be your own boss or are looking for an additional business, that can bring in hundreds and even thousands of new customers per year, you came to the right place.

 TBCD has the experience and expertise to build you the most environmentally friendly high-speed cleaning equipment in the industry.


TBCD provides a proven process for helping our clients start and grow your own trash bin & pressure washing business.


Target markets include thousands of residential customers, commercial businesses, HOA’s as well as government contracts.


Marketing Assistance Programs (MAP) Click Below:

The Worlds Most Environmentally Friendly Bin Cleaner.

Our environmentally friendly systems come with a minimum 11-stage wastewater recovery and filtration system (up to 17 stages on higher-level models).

Our systems are specially designed to recover up to 12 GPM and process 9 GPM and can recover wastewater up to 100' away. 

 TBCD systems use hot water, steam, and pressure to kill bacteria and remove grime without chemicals!

TBCD exclusive wastewater recycling systems also help filter out phosphates from fertilizers that are found in yard waste bins. Our system allows you to recycle and reuse your wastewater multiple times allowing you to clean up to three times as many trash cans per day. 

Multiple accessories are available including High-Speed Surface Cleaners (8”-60” wide), Soft Wash Systems, Wet Sandblast Extension Wands (up to 20’ long), Muck Scuppers, Turbo Nozzles for dumpster cleaning and graffiti removal, etc. Most retailers Walmart & Target stores require pressure cleaning contractors to use only hot water to remove dirt and chewing gum from walkways, In addition, many expect full wastewater recovery. Our multitasking systems meet their needs. Learn more about TBCD  trash can cleaning equipment for sale at factory-direct prices. 


Trash Bin Cleaning Equipment for sale. 
Bin cleaning Equipment for sale 
Titanium Trailer with Soft Wash System
Full Line Video
Trash Bin Cleaning Equipment for Sale.
How Our Equipment is the Best:

World's fastest cleaning speeds.

Up to 6 times faster than other systems 

The most environmentally friendly! 

Up to a 17 stage filtration system – all models come standard with at least 11 stage filtration.

We do not use our rear trash bin hopper to haul unfiltered wastewater since it's not street a legal way to transport wastewater in any city or state in America. 

TBCD uses a separate 270-gallon or 400-gallon wastewater recovery tank and a separate 270 or 400-gallon supply tank.

Free hands-on training! No extra charge for trash cart cleaning, residential/commercial pressure washing, or fleet washing instruction and guidance.


Invest in the best bin cleaning equipment for sale on the market. 

Financing is available with approved credit even for start-up companies.

No franchise or restrictions.

Dan Swede purchasing The Trash Bin Cleaning Mfg. Division From Hydro-Chem Systems.
High-Temp Hot-Water / Steam!
Helps clean & sanitize trash cans 
This system is powered by an amazing 3500 PSI @ 9 GPM hot water pressure washer with a built on 3000 Watt 115 V generator. 115V ultra-high-efficiency diesel-fired heater. 

Interested in starting your own trash bin cleaning business?

Contact us today for a quote!

Garbage Can Cleaning Equipment for Sale 
Logo Design & Website are available 
Wheelie Bin Cleaning Equipment for Sale.
Gold Series Trailer Package
Fleet Discounts Available 

Garbage Can Cleaning Equipment for sale 

We offer the best trash bin Cleaning Equipment for sale in the industry.

Wastewater samples after 80 minutes of trash bin cleaning at the City of Grand Rapids Michigan's Sanitation Department. 
The water sample on left is before the filtration system. Full of dirt, oil & phosphates. 
(Competitors claim this is greywater, they must think their prospects are ignorant. 
The sample in the center is after TBCD basic filtration system.
The sample on the right is after TBCD exclusive 17-stage filtration with our Hydro-Clear recycling system standard on our Titanium & Diamond packages. 
Filtered down to 5 microns or less, oil, grease, and phosphate filtrations. 
 See the full uncut video at
TBCD washable filters and our extensive prefilter system allow are filters to last up to 6-weeks or more without replacing. Recycling your wastewater will also allow you to clean up to 3 times more trash bin per day and can save you thousands of dollars a year on wastewater disposal fees. Do not get caught illegally dumping unfiltered wastewater into RV park's septic tanks, car wash drains or sewer drains like contactors that have purchased systems from other manufacturers!  
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