My name is Dan Swede the owner and Founder of Trash Bin Cleaners Direct and Pressure Cleaners Direct and we have helped well over one thousand (1,000) individuals start their own cleaning businesses and assisted thousands of existing companies in expanding their capabilities over the past 33 years.

Dan Swede

We have always offered our clients sales, marketing, and technical support 7-days a week 365-days a year. I have designed and built commercial pressure cleaning systems for over 33 years and have been building trash bin cleaning systems since 2010.

As an ASE master mechanic certified in heavy-equipment repair, diesel engines, hydraulics, and electrical systems in both heavy-truck and automotive classifications. In addition, I have extensive training and certifications in wastewater recycling and filtration systems.

Trash Bin Cleaners Direct understands equipment downtime and we have made it one of my life’s missions to design and build the highest quality and the most eco-friendly street-legal cleaning equipment in the industry. Any business owner that relies heavily upon their equipment knows, that cheap is never cheaper in the long run, and if you’re going to thrive in business you need to make the best investment with people and equipment you can trust.

TBCD doesn’t offer systems that use the rear trash bin hopper as an open-top wastewater holding tank since it is not a street-legal way to transport wastewater in any city in the USA or providence in Canada. TBCD does not exceed a vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating GVWR just to make a sale since this can lead to life-threatening brake and suspension failures which can pose a risk of insurance companies denying claims leaving your company and you personally liable.

Why Partner With Us?

We believe in partnerships, in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses. We believe in win-wins. At Trash Bin Cleaners Direct we put our expertise at the service of our partners (clients) and believe in providing them the highest quality of service possible. We own our side of the partnership and are accountable for our performance and treating our partners’ ventures as our own. We believe in operating with honesty and transparency, never sacrificing value for results or higher profits.

I recently purchased the highly successful mobile contract cleaners division from my X-employer Hydro-Chem Systems which opened its doors in 1972. I worked for HCS as their Sales Manager and then as their Industrial Cleaning Equipment Division Manager where I brought with me the trash bin cleaning equipment and commercial pressure cleaning systems design and engineering. Which I designed and sold while in South Florida.

TBCD offers the most environmentally friendly systems in the industry. Due to the extremely high levels of Hydrocarbons (cooking oils & grease) & Phosphates in trash bins. We added additional filtration & recycling systems stages that will separate oils, grease, and phosphates from the wastewater while filtering it down to 5 microns. Our recycling systems will vacuum up wastewater from up to 100 ft from the vehicle allowing you to recover the wastewater from dumpster pads and storefronts, opening the door to contracts with retailers like Walmart Ect.

My personal history in the cleaning equipment and chemical sales and manufacturing started by manufacturing an extensive line of over 300 different models of commercial-grade pressure cleaners and our newly invented high-speed surface cleaning equipment X-Stream high-speed surface cleaner attachment that helps to revolutionize the pressure cleaning industry by allowing contractors to clean large areas in a fraction of the time this is back in the1987. My partners & I secured large government contracts to sell pre-approved cleaning equipment directly to the US government. We sold to equipment rental centers and commercial cleaning contractors around the world. We had a private labeled line of pressure washers that we under the Stihl brand. My personal lifetime sales exceed 40 million dollars ($40,000.000.00)

I pride myself on creating a Youtube channel www.youtube.com/dpswede featuring over 1,800 industry-related demo and training videos Filming over one thousand hours of hands-on training over the years has given us valuable hands-on experience that we share with our customers. Our youtube channel has 10 million views and nearly 10,000 loyal subscribers. I have always believed in educating our clients and allowing them to invest in the best equipment that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Trash Bin Cleaners Direct, LLC. manufactures the world’s most Eco-Friendly high-speed trash cart & pressure washing systems that open the door to this new emerging business with unlimited potential in an unsaturated market. TBCD offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to get into a unique business venture.

For new start-up companies: TBCD offers free hands-on training at our facility or online because of the recent pandemic. a 150-page contractor marketing, training & pricing guidebook, access to a 6 in 1 route management software that can be linked to an accounting system, and can store and process credit cards and send out emails and bulk test messages. Website design is included with the purchase contact us for more details. We also offer multiple marketing packages that would include logo design, truck or trailer wraps, door hanger flyers, business cards, and uniforms, anymore.

For existing service companies adding a trash bin cleaning services can bring in hundreds, even thousands of new customers per year!

This is a perfect addition for landscaper, carpet & tile cleaners, pest control, janitorial, maid services, pressure cleaning, & soft wash companies in heavily saturated markets. Especially where cities and HOA’s mandate that the need to store filthy trash bins inside garages so they are not seen from the street.

Adding residential and commercial pressure cleaning services. Pressure washing a 1500 Sq. Ft. paver driveway in 7 minutes.

We have built profitable and mutually beneficial customer relations; managing over a thousand accounts that include municipalities, janitorial and pressure cleaning contractors, public works, roofing contractors, dealerships, waste management, refineries, property management companies, new start-up companies, B2B, and exporters.

Dan Swede

Owner & Founder at Trash Bin Cleaners Direct, LLC & Pressure Cleaners Direct
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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