1. Top 25 must have items when starting a garbage can cleaning business You want the world fastest cleaning speeds! Clean light to medium soiled trash bins, in an average of 5 to 8 seconds with less than 1-gallon of water. Conserve up to 25 gallon of water per trash bin or 50 gallons per stop.
  2. Clean the filthiest starter trash cans “First Time Cleaning” in an average of 30 seconds! Unlike other systems that take an average of 5 to 12 Minutes to clean 1 cart. Saving you to 70 gallon of water per cart.
  3. Clean Up To 400 Trash Bins Per Eight (8) Hour Shift. (Only need to depose of only 270 of highly filtered wastewater) Real time 32 carts cleaned in under 30 minutes video
  4. Our Diamond Package Can Clean Up To 500 Trash Bins with One Tank of Water!
  5. Watch our video on our highly filtered wastewater) Video
  6. 100% Chemical Free Trash Cart Cleaning. We use high temperature hot water and 31,500 Cleaning Units (CU’s) on our Titanium models. Bio-degradable cleaners can be highly toxic to aquatic life and can make disposal of your wastewater very expensive.
  7. True Heat High-Efficiency diesel fired 600,000 Btu heaters, can save you up to $1,600.00 per month on diesel fuel, compared to other pressure washers on the market.
  8. High-Speed Stainless Steel 4 jet Cleaning Heads (Best in Class). Not cheaper quality aluminum heads models and or 2 & 3 nozzle models. (We have never needed to replace a worn our head yet).
  9. Up to 17 stage wastewater recycling system See below: (Nobody else comes close) (Some add competitor’s an inexpensive shop wet vacuum and call it a recovery system)
  10. Our Titanium and Diamond packages all included our exclusive Hydro-Clear 3 Stage Wastewater Filtration System with Hydrocarbon, Oil, Fuel, Phosphate, Chlorides & Odor Control Filters 17 total stages.
  11. We offer only Street Legal trucks and trailers. We do not use an open top trash bin hopper to hold all your unfiltered garbage & wastewater. It is illegal to transport wastewater in an open top trash bin hopper. Check with you local EPA first. Do your due diligence and make sure you do not invest in a non-street legal vehicle.
  12. Street Legal Vehicles: Proper GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight when full. (Warning not all MFG are DOT Compliant some have GVWR that can be 5,000 lbs. overloaded) Investing in an improper engineered system can cost you your life, your business, endanger the public and damage your vehicles! (It’s insane to have up to 5,000 lbs. of weight hanging off the rear of a truck or trailer. See why
  13. Trash Bin Cleaners Direct, LLC. 100-page marketing and contractor training guide, written by Dan Swede is
  14. Logo and design and full truck and trailer sign wraps are available at wholesale prices.
  15. Optional subscription based, route management software that can store a customer’s credit card, provide invoicing, and has optional text messaging, email capabilities. This system can also be linked to separate accounting software and credit card processing service. $49.00 to $99.00 per month
  16. Free custom website all you pay is a small $99.00 per month hosting fee no contracts. (Non-template based website, we do not make a copy of copy that ruins it for everyone’s websites)
  17. Multi function System: Trash Cart & High-Speed Pressure Cleaning Systems attracts clients like waste companies, municipalities. Our systems can pressure clean concrete at up to 200 Sq. Ft per Minute. (Fastest cleaning speeds on the industry). Watch us clean a 1500 sq. ft driveway cleaned in 7 minutes. Watch one of the most amazing pressure washing videos on the internet;
  18. Multiple accessories are available: High-Speed Surface Cleaners from 8” up to 60” wide models, Soft Wash Systems, Wet Sandblast, Extension Wands up to 20’ long, Turbo Nozzles for dumpster cleaning and graffiti removal, Muck Scuppers & more.
  19. American made with the highest quality components on the market. 100% financing is available with approved credit. Financing is also available for start-up companies. (No business plans are needed).
  20. Separate 270-gallon wastewater recovery tank & supply tanks. Our newest models offer 2- 400-gallon tanks. We do not use the rear hopper as our main holding tank. See why
  21. Ultra-High-Volume 9 GPM @ 3500 PSI High-Temperature 31 HP 896cc (Not an undersized 688cc 22HP Honda powered) We deliver up to 40% more horse power!
  22. Packages include an inlet hose & reel. High pressure reel with 200’ non-mar 6000 PSI hose
  23. Free hands on training at our facility on our high-speed trash can cleaning, residential & commercial pressure washing & fleet washing at no extra charge.
  24. Free website all pay is a $99.00 per month hosting fee. No contracts
  25. We do not offer our own cart cleaning services. We do not believe in competing with clients
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