Trash Bin Cleaning is a brand-new emerging business

with unlimited potential in an unsaturated service industry. 


Learn More About The Fastest & the Most Environmentally Friendliest, Trash Bin Cleaners on The Market. 



Congratulations. You have discovered one of the newest and fastest-growing business opportunities in the USA & Canada. TBCD kicks open the door to this brand-new emerging market.


Trash can cleaning has unlimited potential in an unsaturated service industry with very little or no competition. 


​ If you are ready to start a new business and be your own boss, or are looking for an additional business that can bring in hundreds and even thousands of new customers per year, you came to the right place.

New Business Opportunity - Trash Bin Cleaning
New ProfitCenter for Existing Companies:
For carpet cleaners, pressure washers, pest control & lawn care professionals, and other service companies in oversaturated markets

Adding a trash bin cleaning service can bring in 100s, even 1000s of new customers per year!


The time is now to dominate your market, by owning the first Eco-friendly trash bin cleaning service in your area call the experts at TBCD 616-250-4039 or 

New start-up companies:

We offer free hands-on training, contractor marketing, and training guidebook. Best in class 5 in 1 route managing software that can be linked to an accounting system, store, and process credit cards, and send out emails and bulk text messages. A website is included with purchase.

 We also offer multiple marketing packages that include logo design, truck or trailer wraps, door hanger flyers, business cards and more.

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There are over 350,000 homeowner associations in the United States. This represents over 40 million households & over 50% of the owner-occupied households in America. A high percentage of HOA’s and many cities now mandate that homeowners store filthy bacteria-infested trash bins inside their garages, so they are not seen from the street. Making these communities the perfect source customers for your new trash bin cleaning business. 

Interested in starting your own trash bin cleaning business?

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Learn Why You Need a Wastewater Filtration and or Recycling systems?


Before and After 

Watch this amazing demonstration of our Hydro-Clear Recycling Systems. These are only the last three stages of a 17-Stage filtration.* 

Trash Bin Cleaners Direct leads the industry in environmental stewardship. Our recycling systems will also vacuum wastewater from up to 100 ft away from the vehicle, allowing you to recover the wastewater from dumpster pads and storefronts, opening the door to pressure cleaning contracts with retailers like Walmart & Target, to name a few.

TBCD offers the most environmentally friendly systems in the industry.

Trash Bin Cleaning Trailer with Soft Wash Systems

House & Building Washing Without High-Pressure 


If any equipment manufacturer tries to tell you that wastewater produced by a trash bin cleaning is greywater and If they suggest that you dump your unfiltered wastewater in local car washes or RV park drains. I would ask yourself what else they are lying to you about.  

We have helped our clients win contracts to clean thousands of trash bins at a time. 
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Wastewater generated by cleaning trash bins is not greywater. 
It is hazardous wastewater click on this PDF for more information. 
Palm Bch. & Martin County FL has singled our trash bin cleaners


TBCD Ltd. Warranty - Hopper 10-years / Pressure Washer  5-Year pump 3-Year engine 1-Year. 

Mfg.’s Ltd. Warranty: Stainless steel 4-nozzle cleaning heads 1-Year.  Trailer 3-years

All other items, 1-Year Warranty, is against mfg. Defects. Excludes normal wear items

Delivery to your door is available. 

Marketing Assistance Program (MAP) See our marketing section. 

Helped over 1,000 clients start their new trash bin cleaning, pressure washing & or fleet washing Business..  

33 Year's overall experience & started building Trash Bin Cleaning Systems in 2010. 

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