Hunter Stayton. 5 Stars
Five days ago

Customer ReviewsIf you’re looking to get started in this service industry then look no further than Trash Bin Cleaners Direct. If you already have a bin cleaning system, I urge you to check them out. Not only is their equipment super efficient and top of the line, Dan provides beyond excellent customer service. TBCD will ensure you are compliant, safe, up and cleaning the most cans a day period. The knowledge provided is very valuable and will provide you with everything to get your business going!

We currently service an abundance of reoccurring cans and can tell you right now without these trash cleaning units we wouldn’t even touch 300-500 cans a day. These hot water pressure washing systems blow other competition out of the water in terms of speed. Washing fast is great, but without managing the waste water we would be a moving sewer on the road. TBCD provides a perfect filtration system that allows us to filter the waste water in the hopper and reuse it. We don’t have to transport hazardous waste water after or stop to refill fresh water.

I highly recommend TBCD for all your trash bin cleaning needs. My guys are safe, fast, and happy to have an easy system to use

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