Trash Cart Cleaning & Sanitizing are an effective way for Waste Companies to reduce the spread of harmful pathogens, decrease rodent & insect infestation.

Everyone wants to live and visit places that are smelling fresh, clean and healthy.


Millions of carts are replaced each year because of labor shortages, and no effective way of cleaning & sanitizing the carts until now. TBCD offers the fastest and the most environmentally friendly trash cart cleaning systems (with full wastewater recycling).  
Join GFL Green for Life Environmental Services, Athens Services, Paine's Inc Waste Company,
C.W.D. Community Waste Disposal, CDR Waste Disposal Services and a couple of the world's largest waste companies that we can not disclose (Top Left Photos). The city of Springfield MA. Public Works Dept, South End Indiana Solid Waste Services, Arlington County VA. Solid Waste Dept, 
Anchorage Alaskas Solid Waste Services, Colorado State University,
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TBCD Ltd. Warranty - Hopper 10-years / Pressure Washer  5-Year pump 3-Year engine 1-Year. 

Mfg.’s Ltd. Warranty: Stainless steel 4-nozzle cleaning heads 1-Year.  Trailer 3-years

All other items, 1-Year Warranty, is against mfg. Defects. Excludes normal wear items

Delivery to your door is available. 

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Helped over 1,000 clients start their new trash bin cleaning, pressure washing & or fleet washing Business..  

33 Year's overall experience & started building Trash Bin Cleaning Systems in 2010. 

No franchise fees or restrictions.

Fully Insurured