Trash Bin Cleaners Direct's Marketing Assistance Programs (MAP)

Trash Bin Cleaners Direct's Marketing Assistance Programs (MAP) are exactly what you need to get your new business going in the right direction and giving your business the best route to success.























Route Management, Optimization, Accounting & Credit Card Processing Software

 Others may say they offer a turnkey solution to start your new business but not like this!

Trash Bin Cleaners Direct, LLC. has partnered with one of the best route management software companies, that can be linked to an accounting system Think about trying to manage over a thousand customers with different locations and pick-up schedules without it.

Brand Building: 

 We give you access to a team of graphic artists that can design your new business brand.

Our experts can build you a professional website, design the perfect logo, wrap your truck, and or trailer. Give you multiple ideas on designing flyers and door hangers. We can provide you with shirts, hats, uniforms, and promotional items.












Free consulting services for municipality bids, waste companies, and HOA contracts:  

 We have helped our clients win huge trash bin cleaning contracts with counties, cities, and waste companies across the country. We have clients that were awarded bids that were worth over $335,000.00 With our free consulting services, we can also assist you with bidding on and hopefully landing government and waste company contracts.












Selling your services with confidence. Knowing that you provide the most environmentally friendly services in the industry: 

TBCD provides you with the world’s most environmentally friendly trash cart cleaning systems. You can market your company as environmentally friendly. We have had our bid specs help our clients win government bids. With extremely high levels of cooking oils, grease, phosphates from fertilizer and other hazardous materials found in wastewater after cleaning as little as a dozen trash bins.

TBCD responded by creating wastewater recycling systems with up to 17-stage filtration 

We have Cities, Counties, and Collages that received grants to purchase our trash bin cleaning systems due to our exclusive wastewater recycling capabilities.

Use recycling your wastewater & legal disposal practices to lock in major government & HOA contracts. Filtering & recycling wastewater are solutions to the Clean Water Act.

Please do not believe the con artist selling inferior bin cleaning equipment that claims you can dump unfiltered wastewater from trash bin cleaning into a car wash drain or RV park septic systems or sewer drains. Illegal dumping practices can put you out of business. 

Clean up to 150 more first-time trash bin cleaning in a day. 

 TBCD focuses on selling you the world’s fastest and most powerful industrial grade trash bin cleaning equipment on the market. We surveyed dozens of trash bin cleaners at the Waste Expo 2019 and ask if they had to clean 180 filthy (never been cleaned) trash bins to clean, how long would it take them? The replies were 4 to 6 weeks on average. One of our Titanium systems cleaned 180 extremely filthy trash bins, in one 12 hour day.  A great marketing program is no good if you can't keep up with the demand. 

 With TBCD you receive so much more than just the fastest trash bin cleaning and pressure washing equipment on the market, you will get the support you will need to help your business grow. 

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Wastewater generated by cleaning trash bins is not greywater. 
It is hazardous wastewater click on this PDF for more information. 
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