Trash Bin Cleaning is a brand-new emerging business

with unlimited potential in an unsaturated service industry. 

Multitasking Cleaning Systems 
Watch us pressure Clean this 1500 Sq. Ft Driveway in 7 minutes flat!
Pressure cleaning a 1500 Sq. Ft. driveway in 7 minutes.
Multiple Accessories Available

High-Speed Surface Cleaners from 8” up to 60” wide models, Soft Wash Systems, Wet Sandblast, Extension Wands up to 20’ long, Turbo Nozzles for dumpster cleaning and graffiti removal, Muck Scuppers & more!

TBCD trains all clients on how to use, and properly maintain all the trash bin cleaning systems and all the accessories that we provide!

We also provide all of our clients with a 150-page contractor training, marketing, and pricing guidebook written by Dan Swede TBCD President and Founder.


Over the past 33 years, experience Dan Swede has helped over 1,000 customers start their new cleaning businesses. From trash bin cleaning services (since 2010) to pressure cleaning services. Dan has helped elevate both industries to where they are today. 

20" High-Speed Surface Cleaners
12-Volt Sanitizer Spraying Systems
Soft Wash House Washing Systems 
Dumpster Cleaning Tools 
Compactor Cleaning Tools 
48" High-Speed Surface Cleaners

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30" Vacuum Recovery Surface Cleaners
8", 12", 21" Vacuum Surface Cleaners
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20' Extension Poles 
Turbo Nozzles 
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TBCD Catalog
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Wastewater generated by cleaning trash bins is not greywater. 
It is hazardous wastewater click on this PDF for more information. 
Palm Bch. & Martin County FL has singled our trash bin cleaners


TBCD Ltd. Warranty - Hopper 10-years / Pressure Washer  5-Year pump 3-Year engine 1-Year. 

Mfg.’s Ltd. Warranty: Stainless steel 4-nozzle cleaning heads 1-Year.  Trailer 3-years

All other items, 1-Year Warranty, is against mfg. Defects. Excludes normal wear items

Delivery to your door is available. 

Marketing Assistance Program (MAP) See our marketing section. 

Helped over 1,000 clients start their new trash bin cleaning, pressure washing & or fleet washing Business..  

33 Year's overall experience & started building Trash Bin Cleaning Systems in 2010. 

No franchise fees or restrictions.

Fully Insurured